Play it Smart with Khoury Home

September 14, 2015

Fostering a pleasant home space means installing a full spectrum of smart electronics, while also taking care of the little details. This awesome tech from Khoury Home will empower you with comfort and convenience, in equal measure.

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Putting a spin on things is this Hisense TV, which gets right to the point albeit from a different angle. With built-in dual band wifi, a chrome web browser, 4 HDMI inputs and a resolution of 3940 X 2160, it’s a stunner to have and to behold. As a departure from more traditionally inclined HDTVs, it goes the distance while packing four times the number of pixels into similar screen sizes of your average 1080p HDTVs. The result is a stunningly realistic viewing experience. 


Belkin WEMO LED Lighting Kit 

While it looks like just another socket accessory, do not underestimate the wealth of solutions that come with it. Wi-fi enabled, the WeMo Insight Switch connects all your home appliances and electronic devices to your wi-fi network. Monitoring energy use within the home space is a reality wherever in the world you may be, as long as you have access to the internet. Simple to operate as it is to install, you can receive notifications, as well as get insight into what’s on and what’s not, from AC units to washers to dryers, or just about anything that uses an electricity source. The Belkin Wemo insight is also compatible with both Android and apple devices. How’s that for being all solutions for all things? 



by Ghassan Khayyat
Ghassan was tuned into the writing world on a transistor radio-wave of an unbeknownst frequency, once upon a daydream dreary. With a firm belief in Dr. Seussims and all things gadget and gizmo-tronic, he tinkers before he speaks, and chooses his words technologically. He is Editor for T3 Middle East’s Levant English publication and English website, and Associated Editor for the GCC English publication. Reach him at