Ultimaker S5 3D printer: Perfectly balancing performance and reliability!

July 9, 2018

The ultimate 3D printer? Head that one before.

Before you put on those sarcastic goggles, consider that the Ultimaker S5 could well be the ideal 3D printing solution for forward-thinking professionals. Whether you’re a designer, engineer an architects or just a serious hobbyist with a vison in mind, the Ultimaker S5 ticks the right boxes. Combining power and customization with support for multiple surfaces, this is a cost-effective solution that significantly streamlines production processes and concept development.

What was that about build volume?

The Ultimaker S5 has a large build volume of 330 x 240 x 300 mm. This means you can print at large scale or fit multiple parts on a build plate, so you can get the dimensions you designed for. Use Cura Connect, and you can group multiple Ultimaker S5 and Ultimaker 3 printers together to maximize production efficiency.

It’s pretty compact too

So much power lies beneath, yet the Ultimaker S5 comes in a clean and stylish enclosure that fits right in with your office. An enclosed front with tinted glass doors ensures that the internal temperature and airflow is optimal. Frame lights provide visual feedback, and project clean white light to overview and inspect your print up close. The embedded power supply gives the printer a clean footprint, making it ideal for shelf or rack mounting.

3D previews even

Access the options via a responsive, full-color touchscreen integrated into the front panel of the Ultimaker S5. This gives you access to information like loaded materials, print cores, and the build plate and nozzle temperature, while a 3D preview lets you see what’s printing at a glance.

The custom options, if you please

You can get different print characteristics using different nozzle sizes, ranging from 0.8 mm for rapid prints, to 0.25 mm for ultra-fine detail. With two available print core slots in the print head, quickly and easily click in your desired combination for reliable dual-extrusion. The Ultimaker S5 uses two interchangeable build plates: hardened glass for general use and ultra-flat anodized aluminum (available fall 2018) for advanced engineering materials, such as ABS, CPE+, and PC.  Needless to add, the S5 supports the full portfolio of Ultimaker materials, including ABS, CPE+, Nylon, and TPU 95A. A 750 g spool of Tough PLA is included in the box.

Raidy Printing group is the exclusive distributor for Ultimaker in Lebanon and Jordan. Visit the Raidy site for more details


by Anil George
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