ToF is now being used on this ViewSonic projector to achieve instant autofocus

March 16, 2021

The same sensor used for smartphones.

ViewSonic’s new M2e Instant Smart 1080p Portable LED Projector is the newest addition to the company’s portable projector line. But aside from its size, this projector includes a new feature that should make it easier for the device to focus. A Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor has been added on the M2e to enable instant autofocus in just a second, making it 3-5 times faster than other methods.

“ViewSonic is an industry-leading manufacturer in visual technology, constantly dedicated to innovating and upgrading LED projectors, making them smarter, easier to use, and thus enhancing the user experience,” said Dean Tsai, Head of the Projector BU at ViewSonic. “By applying ToF technology, we have reached a new milestone with the launch of the M2e, which fulfills carefree usage at home. As people now tend to stay at home more often, the new M2e allows them to enjoy an unprecedented audiovisual feast and the precious moments with family instantly and effortlessly.”

ToF sensors area type of LIDAR technology that can measure the distance based on how photons can travel from the sensor to the target. This enables the M2e to accurately autofocus in an instant even when you have moved its position. On a standard projector, autofocus is normally done through a press of a button but with the M2e, an internal G sensor design can detect a change in the setup position so it can automatically trigger the autofocus.

Other features of the M2e include instant powering on/off, instant autofocus, auto keystone, customized projection angles, and more. There’s also Wi-Fi and mirroring support for smartphones, along with Bluetooth or direct single-cable streaming via USB-C. All of this is packed inside a portable design that weighs just 1 kilogram.

Stay tuned for a review of the ViewSonic M2e soon!

by Victor
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