Raise your awareness: World Diabetes Day!

November 14, 2014

We’ve entered Diabetes Awareness month and today is World Diabetes Day. In 2007, it became an official United Nations-sanctioned observance day.

The World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) has been raising awareness on World Diabetes Day by highlighting its prevalence across the GULF region including the risks involved with the disease. Diabetes has been estimated to affect 12-18% of the Middle East’s population.

WISH is an initiative created by the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) that’s been working on  presenting further information to the public about this widespread disease through its February 2015 summit. It’s working through innovation alongside raising awareness.

A team of experts from around the globe will join Professor Stephen Colagiuri, WISH’s Diabetes Forum Chair, to go forth with valid research that’ll serve as a basis for policymakers as well as others in charge of managing and preventing diabetes, to reach the best outcome possible. Their results are to be part of the Summit’s dialog.

Professor The Lord Darzi of Denham, Executive Chair of WISH and Director of the Institute of Global Health Innovation at Imperial College of London, said: “World Diabetes Day offers the chance to highlight to the countries of the Middle East that it is a looming global health crisis. The policy report that we will publish on diabetes in February will provide recommendations for policymakers to more effectively prevent diabetes in their countries, and to also ensure effective treatment for those with the illness. It is our hope that healthcare leaders from the region will adopt some of these recommendations for the benefit of their populations.”

You can visit http://www.wish.org.qa/ for more information. 

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