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Rest in Peace, PlayStation 3
March 18, 2017

Sony puts final nail on the PS3’s coffin.

Once regarded as the most expensive PlayStation to be released, the PS3 somehow struggled when it was first released after facing delays and the launch of the Xbox 360 a few months earlier. Still, it paved way for a new generation of gaming and as you remember, it pushed the Blu-ray format as the main successor to the DVD.

But it looks like the life of the PS3 has come to an end 11 years after it was first introduced. Sony has revealed that it has already stopped production of the PS3, sealing the fate of the once great console that produced massive hits like Uncharted, The Last of Us and God of War III.

But like the PS2, the PS3 has accumulated a massive game library that will see its lifespan reach beyond its intended years. Newer consoles may release, but the PS3 will join the PS2 as one of the most significant gaming consoles ever released. 

Rest in peace, PlayStation 3, thank you for the memories.

by vportiz
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