Samsung aims to make TouchWiz ‘better’

February 2, 2015

Another reason to be excited about the Galaxy S6.

Companies nowadays usually put their own customized interfaces over Android in a bid to make their devices unique in some way, despite all using Google’s Android operating system.

The problem is, most of these ‘launchers’ sometime come with a LOT of bloatware – meaning apps that come pre-installed with the smartphone and cannot be removed since well, it’s part of the whole package. I remember getting the brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 a couple of years back, and while I loved the features and the performance, it was the bloatware that annoyed me when using the device. Add to that that it almost consumed half of the storage space of the device – the 16 GB Galaxy S4 that I have brought only has 7.5 GB of usable space – meaning half of that all went to the operating system and TouchWiz.

With this in mind, Samsung users were kind of frustrated over the fact that the devices they were buying didn’t actually contain the exact amount of storage. But all is about to change if the rumors are true – Samsung is looking into making TouchWiz a more ‘lighter’ skin on their upcoming smartphones.

This includes making all the extra software inside TouchWiz an optional download. Apps likes S Health, S Translator and even S Voice can now be installed separately from the Google Play Store. This will mean that there will be significant lesser storage being occupied by the software, which can mean as a win for some users.

It is likely that the brand new TouchWiz will be included on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 which is set to debut at Mobile World Congress this year.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.