Samsung wants you to dump your Galaxy S3 and upgrade to the Galaxy S5

July 9, 2014

They show you why in the best way possible: a video.

Samsung has been spending a plethora of money in advertising their latest products, evident with the amount of ads you see outside and even online. With the release of the Galaxy S5, they have been marketing on the various features of the product – from its camera, high-end specifications and even the fingerprint scanner.

Like Apple’s iPhone, the Samsung has also been doing yearly updates to its Galaxy line which may sometimes irk customers who do not fancy upgrading to a new device every year.

A video released by Samsung seemingly demonstrates the difference between the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy S5 along with speed comparisons and tests. It may be an indirect ad telling you that the Galaxy S3 is basically about to be phased out, and that it is time for you to upgrade.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is still a good smartphone in my opinion and it got even better when the company continually enhanced the device using software updates and patches. Though people using the S3 might be convinced to upgrade after seeing this video. Check them out below:

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.