A new type of Android malware disguises itself as a system update

March 28, 2021

Compromised devices could easily be taken over.

While most of us have gotten the habit of regularly updating our devices, a new type of Android malware is slowly spreading that when triggered could steal almost every personal detail saved on your device. The malware disguises itself as an Android update that’s available on third-party app stores, which thankfully could limit the spread of the malware since most Android users download from the Play Store.

In case the unfortunate happens and you’ve been infected, the malware (which works as a remote access trojan), can collect all details on your device and instantly send it via a server. The discovery was made by Zimperium researchers, who also added that the malware can record audio and video calls, review browser history, and even access WhatsApp messages.

Along with that, the malware can also search files by a specific extension to easily target them. Reports also claim that it can monitor your location via GPS, as well steam messages from your chat windows. The malware can also hide from the app drawer or menu to avoid detection.

The malware can be easily overlooked since it appears as a simple ‘Searching for update…” on your Android device’s notification center, which some could inadvertently trigger once a button has pressed.

If you feel that your smartphone may have been compromised, you can install a plethora of free (and legit) antivirus apps to see if you can remove it and in case all else fails you can do a complete wipe of your device.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.