Google will let you know if the password you’re using is compromised

October 3, 2019

Part of the efforts to enhance user privacy.

Google has just announced new tools that aim to give you more control over how you use their products. These new tools include a new incognito mode for Google Maps and even an option to delete your YouTube history. In addition, Google also has a tool that will let you know if the password you’re using has been hacked.

This tool, Password Checkup, has already existed before – but Google will now include this feature in its own password manager app. The catch is of course that you would have to use this app as an alternative to the current ones available like 1Password if you’re not already using one.

Password Checkup will let you know if the password you have has been compromised in a recent hack. It can also tell you if the password you’re using is strong enough and will suggest a more powerful alternative. Passwords used by some users typically are easy to guess, with ‘password’ and ‘123456’ as some of the most commonly used.

“This is just one way we help protect you across the internet, not just on Google. The Password Checkup and the password manager are built into your Google Account, along with many other important privacy and security controls,” Google said in a blog post. You can check out more details about Password Checkup by visiting

by Victor
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