iMessage is more secure than you think

February 1, 2021

iOS 14 introduces a new security sandbox system.

The Messages app may seem like one of the standard messaging apps on iOS, but research revealed that is actually more secure than you think. For iOS 14, Messages features a new security sandbox system that can protect it from malicious code. The discovery was made by Google Project Zero team member Samuel Groß, which identified the new sandbox as BlastDoor.

BlastDoor arrived with the launch of iOS 14 last year, though it wasn’t specifically highlighted as one of its main features. BlastDoor was made through Swift, and can easily destroy untrusted data in Messages. It also meant that this sandbox on Messages can block all levels of system file interaction and even denies outbound traffic. 

“These changes are probably very close to the best that could’ve been done given the need for backward compatibility, and they should have a significant impact on the security of iMessage and the platform as a whole,” Groß said. “It’s great to see Apple putting aside the resources for these kinds of large refactorings to improve end-users’ security.”

This puts Messages as one of the most secure messaging platforms available out there – if not for its iOS exclusivity, it would have been a great alternative for everyone looking for a decent messaging app.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.