Skype’s Translator Preview is more awesome than we have thought

December 17, 2014

It launches to a few select users today.

Skype has slowly evolved from a simple video calling service to a full communication platform in just a few years. It’s acquisition from Microsoft enabled it to benefit from the millions of MSN customers that can easily migrate and use their account on the platform.

Today, Skype’s new Translator feature is being rolled out as a preview phase to some customers. This will allow you engage in a normal conversation and Skype will translate what you say in real time, somehow closing the language barrier. It will initially support English to Spanish at the moment, but more languages will be supported soon.

Skype says that Translator relies on the machine learning, meaning that the more technology is used, the smarter it gets. Skype also added that the long term approach is to have more languages to be supported in the future. With about 300 million users, Skype is asking everyone to take part and sign up for a preview to help expedite the release of new languages.

Check out the video and see how Skype Translator works. Pretty cool right?

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.