Google Plus officially ends as enterprise version rebrands to Google Currents

July 7, 2020

Google’s social network bids goodbye.

Google Plus didn’t really take off when it was introduced. As the main competitor to Facebook, Google’s own social network offered a similar way to connect with other users. Many expected it to grow it was connected to Google’s other services, but it didn’t achieve the same level of popularity as Facebook.

In 2018, Google announced that it will start to shut down Google Plus in phases, and today we learn that Google Plus is officially dead. Aside from low engagement, Google said that various security vulnerabilities resulted in its decision to shut down the social network.

Most personal accounts have been purged, while the enterprise users of Google Plus will be migrated to Google Currents. Google Currents allows people in an organization to easily communicate with each other. There will be the main News Feed where you see different updates along with moderated discussions relevant to an office environment. The Google Plus iOS and Android have also been updated to show the new Google Currents branding.

Did you ever have a Google Plus account? Were you using it as much as Facebook and other social networks? Tell us your thoughts about Google Plus’s demise in the comments!

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.