Instagram could finally add the option to upload content from computers

July 20, 2022

But still no iPad app.

Instagram is already one of the biggest social networks right now, evident by the billions of photos that get uploaded to the service every single day. While users enjoy the convenience of uploading pictures from their devices, many have requested the ability to upload directly from their computers – a feature that could soon be a reality.

A tweet from leaker Alessandro Paluzzi mentioned that Instagram is already working on a way to let users upload images straight from a computer via a desktop browser. The feature is currently being tested internally, and could potentially roll out soon to all users.

Paluzzi’s tweet also shared how the upload window looks like, letting you create a post through a ‘+’ icon similar to how you upload an image from the app. From there, you will be able to drag and drop images and even have access to an image editor as well as add tags to the images including the location. Advanced settings also reveal the ability to disable comments much like how it is on the app.

No other details were confirmed so we may have to wait and see until Instagram officially rolls out the feature. While many are excited about the feature finally coming to desktops, many are still waiting for an official Instagram app to be made for the iPad. Yes, Instagram can run on the iPad, but it runs on the same screen size as the iPhone, wasting all that screen estate though could have been utilised.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.