Message restrictions are coming to Instagram to protect its younger users

March 18, 2021

Adults won’t be able to message teens unless they’re a follower.

In a bid to make Instagram a safe place not just for adults but also for younger users, it is introducing a new feature that will prevent adults from sending direct messages to teens who don’t follow them. A pop-up message will also appear on teen’s accounts when they are about to send a message to an adult that they don’t follow.

A subtle message saying ‘You can’t message this account unless they follow you’ will be displayed in case an adult tries to message a younger user. Other messages will include phrases asking teens if they are sure that they want to message a particular adult. Some of these pop-up messages will tell younger users to not be pressured to respond or only share information on people that they trust.

Additionally, certain accounts will automatically be monitored as per Instagram’s mod systems and can detect if a particular adult account has a history of suspicious behavior. It will also utilize AI to determine if kids are lying about their age when signing up, though the company didn’t explain how the feature will work. Any user above the age of 13 can legally create an Instagram account.

“We believe that everyone should have a safe and supportive experience on Instagram. These updates are a part of our ongoing efforts to protect young people, and our specialist teams will continue to invest in new interventions that further limit inappropriate interactions between adults and teens,” the company said in a blog post

It wasn’t revealed which countries will get the feature first, but it was reported that it will start rolling out the feature to select users starting this month.

by Victor
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