Ramadan-themed conversations debut through Twitter’s Spaces feature
April 25, 2021

More than 10 million Tweets about Ramadan were recorded leading up to the Holy Month.

Twitter reports that more than 10 million Tweets about Ramdan have been monitored a month before the Holy Month as started. With an active discussion already in place for those observing the special occasion, Twitter has launched جمعات_رمضان# (Ramadan Gatherings), which is a series of live audio conversations that focus on different topics that usually arise during this month.

Along with this initiative, Twitter has also launched new hashtag emojis that are available across seven languages including English and Arabic. The جمعات_رمضان# (Ramadan Gatherings) hashtag unlocks a crescent emoji, as well as the following hashtags:

  • رمضان#
  • رمضان_كريم#
  • رمضان_مبارك#
  • جمعات_رمضان#
  • #Ramadan
  • #RamadanKareem
  • #RamadanMubarak 

The audio session took place on Spaces, Twitter’s new audio-based conversation feature that’s currently rolling out to all users. Some of the Ramadan-themed conversations covered a core pillar of reflection. This includes ‘Keeping Connected’ that discusses the importance of human connectivity especially during the pandemic, ‘Ramadan Nights’ that focuses on the world of musical creativity during Ramadan, ‘Audio Literature’ where authors discuss their works and thought process, ‘Food Waster’ that talks about the impact of wasting food and how it can be managed, and ‘Managing Work-Life Balance’ where women shares their learning from the past year in terms of work-life balance as well as keeping Ramadan traditions alive.

The conversations were hosted by Twitter’s Director of Media Partnerships in MEA & Turkey and moderated by media personality Zeina Soufan, the guests included the following: 

  • Saudi author Sultan Al-Mousa (@almousa_su)
  • Kuwaiti novelist Abdul Wahab Al Refai (@Abdul_Alrifaee)
  • Egyptian musician Mohamed Mohsen (@Mohsen)
  • Saudi Social & Behavioral Sciences consultant Mohammed Alhajii (@MidoAlhajji)
  • Egyptian author Mirna El Helbawi (@Mirna_elhelbawi)
  • Saudi content creator Hatoon Kadi (@HatoonKadi)
  • Sports coach and health expert Dr Rayan Karkadan (@thedoctorrayan)
  • Communication specialist Muath Almusallam (@muath_almosallm)
  • UAE film director Nahla Al Fahad (@NahlaAlFahad)
  • Saudi pianist Daleen Khalid (@pianistdaleen)
  • Saudi media personality Sara Murad (@sara__murad)
  • UAE TV presenter Jasem Alsheheimi (@jasimalsheheimi)
  • Saudi pastry chef Abdulaziz Alhumedan (@aziz_h)
  • Kuwaiti influencer Rawan Bin Hussain (@rbinhussain)
  • UAE content creator Abdullah Raesi (@Abdullah_Raesi)
  • UAE pianist and opera singer Fatima Alhashmi (@FatiAlhashmi)

“Twitter is what’s happening and what people are talking about right now. At a time of introspection, such as Ramadan, people take to the platform to discuss the topics that have influenced and impacted their lives and thinking. With a purpose to serve the public conversation, this year we aimed to amplify those conversations in a unique format for Twitter, elevating our strength in fostering open conversation, connecting people and bringing them together through the unique format of Spaces,” said Kinda Ibrahim, Twitter’s Director of Media Partnerships, MEA & Turkey.

A special creation from musician Bandar Mohammad inspired by the campaign was also revealed, which you can view below:

The following hashtags will also reveal special Ramadan-themed emojis:

  • افطارا_شهيا#
  • افطار_رمضان#
  • افطار#
  • إفطاراً_شهياً#
  • إفطار_رمضان#
  • إفطار#
  • فطور_رمضان#
  • فطور#
  • سحور#
  • سحور_رمضان#
  • #IftarRamadan
  • #Iftar
  • #Suhur
  • #SuhurRamadan
  • #SuhoorRamadan
  • #Suhoor
  • #Sahur
  • #Suhour
  • فانوس#
  • فانوس_رمضان#
  • فوانيس_رمضان#
  • فوانيس#
  • #RamadanLanterns
  • #RamadanLantern
by Victor Philip Ortiz
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff. When he’s not busy playing with the latest games, Victor usually spends his time collecting Blu-rays and building his own movie library. As the Online Editor for T3 Middle East, he develops and writes content for www.T3ME.com which includes reviews, features, and videos in addition to managing its social media and web content.