AppGallery partners with payit as a new digital wallet alternative

July 19, 2022

Offering a new cashless payment method.

AppGallery is already one of the largest app stores available for mobile devices, and it is continually finding ways on how to add more apps that meet the users’ needs. In line with this, AppGallery is partnering with payit to offer an alternative cashless payment method.

Dubbed as the UAE’s first all-in-one digital wallet and powered by First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB), this puts payit on the world’s third-largest app distribution platform where it currently has more than 530 million monthly active users, including a large user base here in the UAE.

payit will allow users to enjoy cashless transactions through their smartphones. This digital payment platform enables users not just to send money but also to receive as well. Along with that, you can also make payments through partner apps and websites so you pay utility bills, split bills with friends, or even track your spending.

payit accounts can be easily topped up with any UAE-issued debit and prepaid cards along with FAB deposit machines or even transfers from any local bank account. Security features are enhanced by AppGallery, offering a safe and secure platform through its full-cycle security and protection system that ensures all app developers are verified and your data is kept private.

“The increase of digital payments across the world shows a clear trend of user’s need for safe and contactless payments methods. At Huawei, we are always committed to bringing the most innovative and popular apps to satisfy our users’ needs, and the payit collaboration is one of the examples that fulfil this commitment,” Lu Geng, Vice President Middle East and Africa Global Partnerships & Eco-Development.

Both payit and AppGallery has conducted an offline and online joint campaign across HUAWEI branches to offer users a chance to get instant cashback from payit when purchasing a HUAWEI device.

by Victor
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