Google Assistant to ditch popular wake phrase ‘Hey Google’

April 27, 2021

Details about a recent Android 11 beta update reveals plans for the virtual assistant.

It is without a doubt that Google Assistant is one of the best virtual assistants available. Aside from the quirky answers, it gives to your questions, it has perfectly integrated itself in nearly every instance of an Android device or even any Google app that runs on other platforms.

We’re mostly used to saying ‘Hey Google’ to trigger the assistant features, but a recent leak hints that the voice assistant could no longer need that wake phrase in the future. Discovered on the Android 11 beta, Android Police reports a new section located inside Assistant’s Android setting now to include a toggle to enable ‘voice shortcuts for quick tasks’.

The section name, called ‘Guacamole’, hinted at key commands that you can use without the need to say ‘Hey Google.’ Another report from 9to5Google also revealed that the function will be time-sensitive similar to answering a phone call.

Little is known about Google Assistant’s new feature at the moment, though these leaks somehow confirm that one of the best virtual assistants is about to get better. Note that this was found inside the Android 11 beta, meaning that it could easily make its way to devices running Android 11, arriving even before Android 12 officially rolls out.

Google could also reveal more details about this feature during the Google I/O event that will take place virtually next month.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.