Instagram Music (finally) launches in the UAE

March 8, 2021

Add your favorite music on your Instagram and Facebook Stories!

After years of waiting, Music is finally launching on both Instagram and Facebook in the UAE and the rest of the MENA region. This will allow you to browse through thousands of songs that you can put on your Instagram or Facebook Story.

“People have always come to Facebook and Instagram to express themselves and be entertained, and we’re focused on bringing music into the ways people share, connect and express themselves. For that reason, we’ve been working with creators and music partners around the world to help people connect and share how they feel through music across the Facebook family of apps,” the company said in a statement.

Music can be accessed when you’re creating a Story on both Instagram and Facebook. Selecting that will open a search menu where you can choose thousands of songs that will accompany your Story. Additionally, you can also select which part of the song you want to appear, as well as options to display the lyrics if it’s supported. Additionally, you can also pin a song on top of your Facebook profile that will start playing when someone visits your profile. 

Music is now accessible on both Instagram and Facebook Stories.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.