Katim is the ultra-secure messaging app made for UAE businesses and government

February 24, 2021

Features defense-grade chat, voice, and video.

UAE-based Digital14 has just announced the latest version of the Katim Messenger, dubbed to be the world’s first ultra-secure chat application, now available for UAE businesses and its government entities. The secure chat apps let you communicate without any worry about security and privacy so all your chats remain confidential. Katim Messenger features a defense-grade messaging service that also supports end-to-end encryption. The app was designed for secure enterprise communications.

“We live in a hyper-connected digital world where the impact of the pandemic has accelerated digitization. At the same time, businesses and governments are subject to constantly evolving security threats, often through mobile communications. This new reality requires a new approach and it’s critical that we prioritize secure communications to protect our most valuable assets: sensitive information and data,” said Nilesh Patel, EVP for Secure Solutions at Digital14 during the Innovation Arabia conference held yesterday.

Katim Messenger was designed with comprehensive threat modeling and attack vendor analysis, meaning that it is more secure than other consumer-grade messaging apps. Data that you send will always be encrypted, and data will never be shared with third parties. Additionally, Katim Messenger “applies multi-layer end-to-end encryption with optional National Cryptography and brings strong PKI-based user identity with customer-controlled HSM-based certificates.” In other words, it is probably the most secure messaging app available out there.

For added security, Katim Messenger can be used by organizations on one device at a time within a secure circle of peers that can only be registered by administrators. Licensing is based on the number of users.

“The new release now supports a cross-organization secure federation feature that allows organizations to recognize users from an outside organization and trusted enough to be added to the closed-loop within the KATIM Messenger app. In this way, we are building ‘circles of trusted users’ of secure communications among businesses and government entities which will grow to become a secure business communications ‘ecosystem’ in the UAE,” said Patel.

Katim Messenger also has a self-destruct feature where you can put a timer on documents that will instantly disappear once the timer expires or after it has been viewed. Due to its security features, Katim Messenger can only be installed on devices using the Apple Business Manager account on iPhones, and through a controller application binary distribution for Android devices.

Katim Messenger is now available for all organizations, where you can take advantage of a free 30-day trial.

by Victor
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