Microsoft teases new UI for its Office apps

July 23, 2020

Fluent Design is making its way to mobile and desktop apps.

Microsoft Office is probably one of the most well-known applications on computes and over the years it has made its way to the web and mobile apps on iOS and Android. During the past few years as well, Microsoft has been busy updating the design of Office to a more modern look and feel, and now the company has teased what we can expect in the updated design language.

Since Microsoft has implemented Fluent Design on its operating systems and apps, the same design elements will also come to Office. This will come in a form of new app icons and a dark mode all while focusing on a simpler and minimal UI. 

One example that was highlighted was toolbars. The classic ‘Ribbon’ interface that first appeared in Office 2007 will now be replaced by a new toolbar that can be moved around depending on where you need it. There’s also a new search feature that’s built right inside the app and will work across the entire Office suite of applications.

What’s more, the design elements implemented on the desktop version will also be consistent on the mobile apps, allowing you to seamlessly transition without the need to relearn everything. 

Microsoft did not confirm when these features will be arriving, but it does look like a great transition from the Office I’ve used on the PC a few years back.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.