Signal gains popularity as new WhatsApp-like features are added
January 25, 2021

The app has seen thousands of new sign-ups.

One of the expected effects of WhatsApp’s new privacy policy update is users looking for another secure messaging platform. Signal is one of them and despite being available for a couple of years now, it didn’t reach the same level of popularity as WhatsApp – until now.

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Over the past few days, Signal has seen a surge in new sign-ups that overloaded the messaging app’s servers that forced it to go down for a couple of hours. But once it went back online it also came with a plethora of new features that now make it more similar to WhatsApp. 

Aside from customizable chat wallpapers and animated stickers, Signal now offers custom status messages as well. Group calls have also been increased from five to eight, though VOIP calls are still not permitted in the UAE.

Still, Signal offers the same end-to-end encryption for messages, making sure that the messages that you send and receive can only be seen by you and the person you are talking to.

Signal shot to the charts as the most downloaded messaging app on the App Store and Google Play Store, citing increased interest in a WhatsApp alternative. WhatsApp was reported to have lost millions of users after announcing the change in its privacy policy, which it tried to clear up and postponed until May 15th.

Signal is available as a free download for iOS and Android. It is also available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

by Victor Philip Ortiz
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff. When he’s not busy playing with the latest games, Victor usually spends his time collecting Blu-rays and building his own movie library. As the Online Editor for T3 Middle East, he develops and writes content for which includes reviews, features, and videos in addition to managing its social media and web content.
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