Someone paid nearly $130,000 for the 20th anniversary PS4

January 27, 2015

He must be one happy (and wealthy) gamer.

Polygon has just reported that someone in Japan has just bought the very-limited edition Sony PlayStation 4 20th anniversary edition to the tune of ¥15,135,000 (that’s about $129,000 or 474,000 AED).

The purchase was part of an auction made by Yahoo Auctions based in Japan. Add to that the ‘00001’ number on the console (there were only 12,300 units produced) to make it even more valuable. As per the Yahoo Auction page, the unit has received 1,585 bids where it started at ¥1.

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From our original report: The commemorative edition will only be available in 12,300 units – which points to the original December 3 release date of the original PlayStation. Prices are reported to be 49,980 Yen in Japan, $499 in the US, and €499 in Europe. Additionally, it will come in a very special box that will also include the PlayStation Eye camera, vertical stand and the DualShock 4 controller all in the same original grey color.

by Victor
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