Sony Hacking: North Korea’s networks attacked?

December 24, 2014

Though it seems to be working now.

More news from the Sony hacking incident that happened about three weeks back. Right after Sony announced that it is postponing the release of the movie ‘The Interview’ (and then announcing that it will open in a few select theaters on Christmas Day), it seems someone is avenging what has happened to the company.

Re/code is reporting that some analysts from DYN Research have seen that some of the country’s networks are under attack, leading to a disruption on the country’s internet connections. While everything seems to be going back to normal at the moment, the US is denying any involvement in the attacks and it may look like that the attack originated from a different group. If you remember a similar takedown of some of North Korea’s websites was successfully done by the group Anonymous.

That being said (and as Re/code pointed out), cutting off the internet connection in North Korea won’t really do much damage since a big percentage of the country does not have access to it and only officials from the government can use it.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.