Sony releases video on how to unlock your boot loader

December 16, 2014

But it warns that it will void your warranty.

The joy about using an Android smartphone is the fact that you can basically customize it any way you want thanks to the numerous softwares and launchers available. Additionally, some smartphones allow you to unlock the boot loader and load custom ROMs which can give you more functionality and extra bits of customizations.

While only handful of smartphone manufacturers allow the unlocking of the boot loader, but Sony on the other hand actually welcomes the concept. With high-end specifications running on the veins of their Xperia line, unlocking the boot loader and letting advanced users play with their smartphones.

That being said, the process itself is meant only for developers and in the case you do something wrong make your device unusable, it won’t be covered by any manufacturer warranty.

Watch the clip below and see how you can unlock the boot loader on your Xperia device. Again, note that this is for advanced users and only proceed at your own risk.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.