‘Spree’ fitness monitor showcased at CES

January 9, 2014

Hothead Technologies have showcased ‘Spree,’ a fitness headband, at CES this week.

Spree is the first fitness monitor to track body temperature, heart rate, and movement without the usual use of a chest strap to do so. The headband contains a wireless Performance Optimization Device (POD) to track exercise performance and provides for a comfortable fit around the head.

One of the ideas behind the creation of the fitness monitor is straying away from having to wear heart rate monitors that restrict breathing and don’t provide for a relaxed feel when worn, as well as not having to use movement tracking wristbands.

With its integrated technology, Spree accesses its user’s biometric details at ease simply from the forehead.

The monitor also provides the simultaneous function of blocking sweat from getting into the user’s eyes during a workout, using silicon rubber as the base of a water resistant devise.

Spree comes with a smart performance app so its user can have information like their heart rate, body temperature, distance, calories burned and so forth, tracked. It uses Bluetooth Smart technology to stream the information to the smartphone app.

After finishing exercising, Spree users can review their workout history and use a USB cord to download stats to any personal computer.

The headband is available in black and gray for now, and is compatible with iPhone 4S+, iPod Touch 5G+, and iPad 3G+.


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