Apple Music unveils ‘City Charts’

April 28, 2021

Putting the spotlight on music that making waves in different cities.

Apple Music today has just launched City Charts, a new feature that highlights some of the best music from over 100 cities around the world. While standard charts typically rank music based on a number of plays, Apple Music’s City Charts curate playlists using not just plays but also sign of local popularity. 25 songs make up City Charts, which feature both global and local artists in the spotlight.

City Charts is updated daily, and is accessible through the Brose or Search pages on Apple Music. You can also ask Siri to play a local city chart. Just like other playlists and songs, you can add your favourite City Charts to your library and download them for offline listening or share them with your friends.

City Charts joins Apple Music wide range of chart offerings that include Daily Top 100: Global for 116 countries, Shazam Discovery Top 50, Discovery, Cities, and Genre charts. Along with that, Apple Music’s Daily Top 100 charts has become one of the most streamed playlists categories on the platform since it was launched. 

The launch of City Charts also joins a plethora of new features that are now available for Apple Music subscribers. Some of the new features include Motion for Artists Detail Pages, Lyrics Sharing, Record Label Pages, Search for Record Labels, Explore other albums from your favourite labels, and Library Made for You.

Check out some of Apple Music’s City Charts in the Middle East:

Top 25: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Top 25: Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.