Taking care of the future with BLF and Allianz SNA

September 4, 2015

Being properly insured isn’t a luxury – it’s a means of survival. By going with the motions and just a simple premium, you can protect yourself from unforeseen happenings, so as to be properly indemnified in an imminent time of need. Taking care of the future to be able to wade through hardships that are as much an unknown as they are a probability is smart thinking. 

Banque Libano-Francaise and Allianz SNA’s recent collaboration has brought to the table a wide range of insurance plans. For just a $2 / month premium, efficient coverage is guaranteed for a range of possibilities, whether you’re opting to protect your income, safeguard your home space, your travel plans, or guarantee hospitalization and more – there’s a policy for everything.

Please visit www.eblf.com or www.allianz.com for further information

by admin