Top 5 reasons why the Sony BRAVIA XR TVs are a must-have this football season

September 8, 2022

As the countdown to the 2022 Football World Cup in November begins, there’s plenty to cheer about; being the first ever world cup to be held in the Middle East, excitement and anticipation are running high. If you can’t make it to Qatar to catch the action live, you can still enjoy an immersive viewing experience at home from the comfort of your living room.

According to reports, 3.572 billion viewers, more than half of the global population, tuned into the last World Cup in 2018. This year is set to be another sporting extravaganza, especially in the Middle East, a market that has avid football fans. With nearly everyone in the region watching TV (97%), there is a  strong and growing preference for television and OTT. According to market research firm Ipsos, viewers in KSA spent an average of 5.1 hours per day watching TV in 2021 and 2020, compared to 4.5 hours in 2019. Come November 2022; this number is set to grow even further as viewers will be glued to their television sets, watching matches, pre-recorded games commentary, movies, and much more.

The Sony BRAVIA XR TVs are a must-have for those looking to catch the World Cup action live from their couch. Equipped with the latest tech and features, viewers will be transported straight to the heart of the action in the stadium. Let’s look at some of the latest features that make the Sony BRAVIA XR TVs genuinely outstanding:

  1. Enhanced AI

Conventional AI can only individually detect and analyse picture elements like colour, contrast and clarity. This means that the picture element is enhanced only to a certain level. However, Sony’s Cognitive Processor XR is designed to replicate how humans see and hear. It cross-analyses hundreds of thousands of elements at once. TVs with Cognitive Processor XR recognise the focal point and enhance that part of the image, just as our eyes do in the real world. So, there’s more depth to the player on the field, and scoreboards become easier to see.

  1. Wide colour palette

The Cognitive Processor XR also powers Sony’s A95K’s new OLED (QD-OLED) series with XR Triluminos Max, which delivers the most comprehensive colour palette and reproduces naturally beautiful shades and hues. With millions of individual self-illuminating pixels, the A95K provides more colours than ever for an entirely new viewing experience. Football fans will be drawn into their favourite matches with vivid and unrivalled picture quality.

  1. Arabic-friendly

Saudi Arabia’s demand for more Arabic-friendly technology in the industry has grown in 2022, as has its need for smarter TVs that allow the integration of different forms of media on a single user-friendly interface. Sony BRAVIA XR televisions come with Google TV, which makes it user-friendly, so viewers can even watch their favourite matches in Arabic.

  1. Picture quality just as the creator intended

If you’re feeling the football fever and want to watch some sports biopics or shows, Sony and Netflix have released the Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode, which automatically adjusts image processing based on ambient light, so shows and movies look like the creator intended, under any condition. What’s even better is that Sony’s new BRAVIA CORE Calibrated Mode will automatically adjust the image quality on the screen to better align with the video creator’s original vision.

  1. Spatial sound mapping

Football fans will truly appreciate Sony’s 360 Spatial Sound Mapping. This new frontier of spatial sound technology calibrates sound to the chosen viewing room, thus creating multiple optimally arranged phantom speakers for a broader and more immersive cinematic sound field. Viewers can hear every chant and roar as if they were seated in the stadium.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.