The Galaxy S6 Edge will have two edges

January 21, 2015

What’s better than one curved edge? Two curved edges!

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge redefined the way smartphones work on curved displays. While the response was lukewarm, Samsung is determined to make the product a ‘trend’. Even if everyone’s focus is the inevitable release of the Galaxy S6, the company is also looking into making another curved screen version of their flagship.

SamMobile confirmed that a special variant of the Galaxy S6 is in the works, which will have two curved edges on both sides. The ‘Galaxy S6 Edge’ will function much like the Galaxy Note Edge, which can display various shortcuts and information on the curve display.

SamMobile also adds that a special feature set inside TouchWiz will be exclusive to the Galaxy Note Edge. This includes that ability for you to activate and use either edges of the screen without turning on the whole display. Along with that, there will also be a Glance Lighting feature that will light up the edges whenever you get a call or any notification.

More will be confirmed as Mobile World Congress launches in a few weeks.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.