The iHere and now: Nonda’s Bluetooth tracker keeps everything at an arm’s length

February 22, 2017

From Nonda, the same innovators behind the  Zus, the iHere is  another deceptively basic looking unit that is just as multi-faceted in terms of its output.

Car keys make themselves scarce, and just when you need them most. It’s a reality we can’t ignore, and this can be a handful. But while it’s purely down to chance, and of course nothing personal, you’ll often find yourself spewing expletives at the lifeless objects since truth be told there’s nothing more enervating then racking your memory in vain, and with no results, when trying to remember where you last left your car keys…because you’ll be needing them to retrace your steps to where you’d left your laptop…which to the best of your memory is still hanging out with Murphy in the car’s trunk. 

You can go through the same exact motions, four or five times in a row, before realizing that your keys were actually perched on the windowsill, enjoying the morning sun, and staring you in the face for the full length of that golden hour. If only it could have just called out to you.

With Nonda’s latest innovation, the iHere, an ever-pressing need will be answered to and with hardly a peep (or maybe just one) through instant, Bluetooth-enabled results.

The bluetooth tracker is designed to ensure that everything you treasure stays close to its heart, and therefore within sight, as long as you have access to an app through a smartphone or any wi-fi enabled device. 

20 meters to an arm’s length

To start with , the iHere has the smarts to keep its sights on you for up to a full 20-meter (75 foot) radius. You need only tap into the app, and click Find at which point a singsong tone alerts you as to exactly where your item is located. Once located, one press on the tracker will mute it again.



Selfie sticks come in handy, but who needs those clunky accessories which are banned in many places anyway, when you could do the trick while riding on a wave of Bluetooth efficiency. With no wires attached, the iHere3 gives you the added benefit of being able to capture a moment, remotely, and is ideal for group shots. 

unnamed (1).png

No extra charge

While this isn’t rocket science, the iHere does pioneer new upgrades in being the first-ever Bluetooth tracker that doesn’t require actual batteries. A ten-minute charge will net you several weeks of power.    

Car, never too far 

The iHere3 gives you the choice to designate a unique function to its button, depending on what conveniences you most. Similar to the Zus, another simple but multi-faceted innovation from Nonda, you can arm the iHere with the ability to help trace your steps back to your car. 

Can somebody call my phone? 

The button can also serve you by helping re-locate your actual phone. Assuming you’ve got the iHere in hand, but this time can’t locate your phone, and unfortunately have no one else around to call it for you, one click on the iHere will make it resound with a twinkle.  







by Ghassan Khayyat
Ghassan was tuned into the writing world on a transistor radio-wave of an unbeknownst frequency, once upon a daydream dreary. With a firm belief in Dr. Seussims and all things gadget and gizmo-tronic, he tinkers before he speaks, and chooses his words technologically. He is Editor for T3 Middle East’s Levant English publication and English website, and Associated Editor for the GCC English publication. Reach him at