The iWatch will be awesome – even if it’s not announced yet

July 6, 2014

Apple has hired a senior executive from TAG Heuer, which fuels the rumors of an impending iWatch launch.

We basically know nothing about the iWatch as of the moment – despite Apple being mum about releasing a wearable device. Despite that, the internet has been bombarded with leaks and various documents that point to a device that might be releasing before the year ends.

One lead that adds more speculation on an impending iWatch launch is Apple’s recent hiring of Patrick Pruniaux from Swiss watch maker TAG Heuer – which points that the company is looking use the watch’s current prestige status to market the iWatch.

Various design concepts float the web (such as the one from SET Solutions), give a different take on the smart watch design and function. We can only hope and wait that Apple has something in the pipeline soon, especially with various companies like LG, Samsung and Motorola (using Google’s own Android Wear OS) hopping on the smart watch bandwagon.

What do you think of Apple’s iWatch? Are you getting one once they launch it?

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.