The Nexus 6 originally had a fingerprint sensor

January 27, 2015

But it was omitted shortly before it was launched.

Did you know the Google’s latest smartphone – the Motorola-made Nexus 6, originally was supposed to have a fingerprint sensor? And we’re not talking about the sub-par fingerprint swiper found on the Galaxy S5 – a true fingerprint sensor that resemble the one found on the iPhone’s Touch ID feature.

The reason why they weren’t able to implement it? It’s because of sub-par quality. Former Motorola chief executive Dennis Woodman said: “The secret behind that is that it was supposed to be fingerprint recognition, and Apple bought the best supplier. So the second best supplier was the only one available to everyone else in the industry and they weren’t there yet.”

Good for them to omit the fingerprint scanner knowing it wouldn’t perform well. They also mentioned that the dimple behind the Nexus 6 where it houses the Motorola logo, is where the fingerprint scanner was supposed to be placed.

What do you think of biometrics sensors being placed on mobile devices nowadays? Do you think it is an actual feature that proves to be beneficial? Let us know what you think.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.