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There’s a new feature in Windows 10 made especially for disabled users
August 7, 2017

Microsoft Eye Control is the next step in accessibility advancements in the OS.

Microsoft is introducing Eye Control as one of the key features of the upcoming Creators Update coming to Windows 10. As explained in the Windows Blog, the feature will help people with disabilities use the computer with ease. This includes operating the keyboard, mouse, and the text-to-speech engine using only their eyes.

A good example of this is renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, who uses computers the relay what he wants to say with the aid of his eyes. But his current accessibility setup costs a lot, and couldn’t be bought by anyone.

Microsoft’s Eye Control however, simply requires to have a third party device like the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C which costs $149 to complete the setup. Using an eye control software made for Windows 10, a special launch pad will be provided that users can select using their eyes.

The addition of such features opens a new world of possibilities for Windows 10, and it won’t prevent users with disabilities from using the operating system.

Microsoft’s Eye Control feature will come as part of the Creators Update that’s rolling out for free later this year for all Windows 10 users.

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