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Things are about to get tough for online trolls
March 16, 2017

The Federal Public Prosecution for Information Technology Crimes will now handle cases regarding the misuse of the internet.

People living in the UAE still do not know the cons of posting inappropriate and sometimes offensive comments online. But as per the UAE laws, such things can land you a fine of worse, jail and deportation.

Now things are about to get more serious. The UAE has just set up a new governing body that will investigate such incidents. Called the Federal Public Prosecution for Information Technology Crimes (FPPITC), it will handle the misuse of the internet by people and/or organizations using the internet.

Religious issues that include the opposition of Islam and blasphemy are one of the things that are deemed unlawful. This, along with human trafficking, illegal drugs and other illegal activity relating to firearms and prostitution will all be handled by the FPPITC.

The announcement was made by UAE Attorney-General, Hamad Saif Al Shamsi and was established under the terms of Ministerial Resolution No. 220 for 2017.

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