This robot can do a backflip and I can’t
November 19, 2017

Amazingly scary.

Further evidence of robots taking over the world has just been presented by Boston Dynamics – well, not really. But if these machines would want to take over they must be at least vastly superior to humans right? If doing a backflip counts, then we’re doomed.

Joking aside, Boston Dynamics has just showcased the new capabilities of its new Atlas humanoid robot. Atlas can now do various gymnastics moves, including jumping from platform to platform and doing a backflip (I personally tried doing a backflip but I just keep landing on my back). It can even carry loads of up to 11 kilograms.

It isn’t perfect of course – just like humans, and you’ll see Atlas fall down once in a while. What’s interesting is that Atlas almost behaves like a human especially when you see it move.

Ultimately, the makers of Atlas hopes that it can soon be agile enough to be used in remote rescues that are too dangerous for humans to venture.

Interesting? Or are you freaked out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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