Top Google lieutenant to assume even greater responsibility

October 27, 2014

In a report by CNET, it has been confirmed that Google CEO Larry Page is handing over the responsibility of some of Google’s most crucial services to right hand man, Sundar Pichai. Research, Google+, search, ads and maps will all be added to Pichai’s already extensive list of responsibilities. Sundar Pichai is currently the head of Android, the world’s most used mobile interface. He also oversees Google Chrome and the whole suite of Google applications such as docs and Gmail.

The move comes as CEO Larry Page decided that his focus was better spent on business strategy amid slower growth. Google search still earns over $50 billion each year, but paid clicks from ads and sponsored results only rose by 17% compared to last year’s rise of 26%. The slower growth this year has investors and Wall Street worried. Page’s move is seen as a response to these kinds of concerns, and this move will give him the time he needs to keep up the growth.

Sundar Pichai has been quick to rise up the ranks at Google; he started out at Google in a project management role, contributing to the development of services such as Google Drive and Maps. With his latest promotion, he oversees all of the major components of the Google Eco-system.

CEO Larry page isn’t relinquishing all of his project oversight duties; he will continue to oversee YouTube, as well as most of the business and operations sectors.  

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