Meet MISA, the social family robot

September 7, 2020

Coming to the UAE this October.

Looking for the perfect (virtual) companion? Meet MISA, a ‘next-generation social family robot’ that is being launched by iLife Digital here in the UAE this October. The makers said that MISA responds to the ‘Hey Misa’ hot word, and it is able to schedule daily talks or simply talk and play with your children.

Supporting more than 10 languages that include French, English, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean, MISA can also work with home automation and even surveillance thanks to its high-tech sensors. At the heart of MISA is a 7-inch IPS display where it can display different levels of emotion and show expressions as it communicates with people. 

MISA also comes with thousands of ad-free games that can be enjoyed by kids and families. Along with that, MISA is capable of elderly care that can monitor someone 24/7 and will send alerts if medications have not been taken.

MISA has four wheels in addition to its multiple sensors making it a fully mobile robot. It works in tandem with the Misa Connect app, where you can also control it remotely and can use it as video surveillance.

“It’s our vision to bring affordable and latest in robotics for homes and families. Our robotics team has designed Misa making it capable to blend right into your family as a friend, teacher, companion, cameraman, homemaker, entertainer, and more – It is smart, interactive, and uniquely mobile,” said Deepak Bhatia, Co-founder of iLife Digital.

MISA will be available on October 20th, 2020 for 999 AED across all major retailers in the UAE.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.