Truecaller peeps: make your next phone call a smart one with Truedialer

November 13, 2014

Just when we thought Truecaller, the renowned app that helps people pick up the right calls by providing secure contact information, is a really cool and useful app, the brand releases yet another cool one: “Truedialer.”

Truecaller has announced the global launch of Truedialer, an app that replaces the standard way of dialing from a smartphone by instantly giving users important information about the contact they are dialing.

For example, if you’re attempting to call someone that’s not in your phonebook, Truedialer will automatically let you see their name and sometimes even the profile picture, if available.

The idea was mixing Truecaller’s technology with Truedialer to get the best user experience possible when making or receiving calls.  

The new app allows for searching for data about the number you’re dialing using Truecaller’s database that includes 85 million users and billions of numbers. It removes the need for remembering the name or number of someone with an unassigned number in your call log.

Truedialer is useful for the business professional world to the everyday social community. It’s the most useful for filtering out spam calls as Truecaller’s services warn beforehand. The T9 search is a predictive text feature that allows you to quickly dial your favorite contacts.

“Until now, phone dial pads have not truly improved since the feature phone days. With the same infrastructure that powers Truecaller, our ambition with Truedialer is to replace the phone’s phonebook app, and be invaluable to users, just as Truecaller has changed the way people receive calls and find contact information,” said Nami Zarringhalam, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Truecaller. “Truedialer’s launch is a major milestone for the company from being focused on a single app. Users can expect Truedialer and Truecaller to complement each other to form the perfect phonebook experience.”

Truedialer is available for free on Android, and a version of the app is also available on Windows Phone. 

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