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Try not to panic watching this self-driving car navigate on a rainy night
March 14, 2017

Rain, rain go away!

Smart cars are slowly gaining momentum thanks to the various research and support available. You’ve seen various instances where self-driving cars usually manage to complete a trip without any problems. But it is usually on a bright shiny day where it’s the pitch perfect condition to drive. What you don’t usually see is driverless cars navigating on a rainy night – and that is what is aiming to perfect.

The company has been hard at work to develop software that would allow a car to safely drive and be navigated not only at night but on a rainy condition. It would also paint a more realistic scenario if these cars were to be commercially available.

A video demo (shown above) was released by that while admittedly impressive somehow still makes us panic a little considering the amount of traffic that it encounters. But even with the heavy rain, constant changing traffic lights and the like, the car managed to drive against these obstacles safely.

The technology is still in development stage, so it will be a while before this comes to the streets – but it does give you a glimpse that automated driving will be continually be developed until the time comes where you no longer have to put your hands on the steering wheel.

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