An update coming to the Oculus Quest 2 will bring wireless PC streaming

April 15, 2021

The update will also enable a 120Hz refresh rate.

Oculus has detailed some of the new features coming to the Quest 2 as part of the v28 software update that includes wireless PC streaming as well as support for a 120Hz refresh rate. Improvements to Infinite Office which lets you work in a virtual environment will also get some improvements.

The v28 update also includes an Infinite Office experimental feature that will let you add your own private virtual desk where your actual desk stands. There’s also a virtual version of the Logitech K830 keyboard that you can use, but Facebook says that will be added in the future.

Probably the best part of the update is the ability to stream games and apps straight from your PC wirelessly. Called AirLink, this feature should work flawlessly on a really good Wi-Fi connection. Air Link is just an option, and Facebook says that the Link cable is still the best way to connect the headset to a PC.

The current Oculus Quest supports a 90Hz refresh rate, but with 120Hz support coming soon you can expect even smoother frame rates. It was noted however that the Oculus software will still run at 90Hz, and that developers need to update their games to experience 120Hz.

The update is currently rolled out in phases, so it might not appear immediately on your device.

by Victor
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