Blair Witch launches in VR just in time for Halloween

October 8, 2020

The game is releasing on the Quest VR.

Gaming in VR is already mainstream, and developers have utilized the technology to bring real experiences to gamers whether it’s action, adventure, or even horror. Speaking of horror, it was announced that the recent Blair Witch game is launching in VR on the Oculus Quest.

Developer Bloober Team confirmed that the title will hit the Oculus Quest store on October 29th, just before Halloween. Blair Witch is a first-person title which made it easier to rework the game to be played in VR. The developers have added extra details on how you play the game, including using motion controllers to interact with in-game objects or use a virtual marker to map out your journey or even pet your dog Bullet.

The VR version of Blair Witch will also have more scary encounters, which we think will be a blast playing in VR. That being said, it was highlighted that the game has been toned down in graphics when seen in the trailer to make it more compatible and easier to play on the Oculus Quest. But the launch of the Oculus Quest version means that it can easily be ported on PCs, which means that the game’s excellent graphics can be preserved when played on a desktop.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.