Voice activated speaker stands alone in saturated market

November 9, 2014

The people over at Amazon have unveiled a new product this week; the Amazon echo speaker. It is a wireless speaker, yet another product that is all the rage this year. But this one is different as it behaves more like a smart phone than a wireless speaker.

Users can give the speaker demands much like Siri on an iPhone, and because it will be connected to wifi, it will be able to search for answers online and provide real time updates on things like weather. These informational services will be powered by Amazon web services, and your voice will be constantly analyzed so that it can understand you better.

The speaker is cylindrical and sleek, and from the pictures it appears to be vertically oriented. On the top you will find a power button, and another button to turn off the microphone, presumably for use in a setting where many people may be talking around it.

The speaker will also come with its own application called echo to use as a user interface for controlling the speaker. So far, the speaker is only available to purchase by invitation, a full release should be happening in about a month. It’s also very well priced, especially for Prime members. Prime members can pick up for $99, while everyone else will pay $199. 

by ryan

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