Wadi promises to provide only authentic products or else…

August 9, 2016

A pledge made by the e-commerce website.

Wadi is announcing its pledge to provide only the best and authentic products on its website, a statement from the company read on Monday. It’s a way to let its customers know that whatever purchase they make from the website is assured to be of the best quality.

Wadi sells more than 200,000 products on its website that range from perfumes to electronics. “Wadi has always provided 100% authentic products, but this pledge acts as a further guarantee to our customers that all Wadi products, in particular fragrances, are totally genuine. We are passionate about customer satisfaction and want to offer something no other retailer has offered before to ensure customers that when they purchase a product with Wadi that it’s the real deal and they can absolutely trust us. Our experienced team works hard with suppliers to ensure that all products are genuine, but are sold at a great value price to customers,” said Pratik Gupta, Wadi.com co-founder.

As part of the pledge, Wad is offering a ‘double your money back’ guarantee that lets customers return a fragrance if they feel it is not 100 percent genuine (as long as less than 5 percent has been used) and Wadi will refund the purchase price at double the amount.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.