Watch more of Lexus’ hoverboard

August 5, 2015

But I’m guessing Marty McFly won’t be impressed.

We’ve all seen Lexus tease a real life hoverboard that will make Back to the Future Part II a reality – and now we get a first look at how it performs.

The hoverboard, called ‘Slide’, actually works on magnets for it to be able to levitate. Additionally, the track itself that you can see in the video actually contains a magnets carefully hidden under a piece of plywood. Our friends at had a first-hand experience on how it works.

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One of the guys said, “The board felt like it was balancing on an invisible piece of pipe, and I had to really work to ensure its edges – or ‘rails’ if you’re talking boarder-ese – didn’t scrape the plywood floor. The main way to combat this was to go faster, which meant literally running and jumping on the thing to get it going.”

The technology itself is promising, and it shows that we are one step closer to getting those hoverboards from Back to the Future Part II. Just don’t expect to buy these boards just yet.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.