We now have a Limited Edition cut of the Erzetich Thalia headphones!
September 16, 2020

When we reviewed the Erzetich Thalia headphones, we came away super impressed. The headphone blended brilliant, truly individual styling aesthetic, linden wood and all, to the fact that the Thalia headphones were specifically created for portable, on-the-go usage with smartphones, tablets, DAPs and portable DACs. With the Thalia line, the promise of deep and controlled bass, velvety mids and detailed highs had sailed beyond those of expensive HiFi Audio to more accessible extremely high quality audio package.

Erzetich Thalia Art Series

Now we come to founder Blaz Erzetich’s latest creation, as he unveils the world’s first handcrafted audiophile portable headphones, with the Art and Limited Edition series of the Thalia headphones.

Named after the goddess of festivity, the Thalia headphones have its fair share of devotees thanks to crystal clear hi-resolution sound quality, and being designed specifically for the portable needs of Gen Z. Handcrafted is not a term you generally see at this price point. But then creator Blaz Erzetich is no ordinary individual either. Which means you have a unique blend of wood and metal, with the promise of a large sound stage, complete with signature octagonal cups and silver-plated oxygen-free braided copper wire with gold-plated connectors.

Erzetich Thalia Limited Edition Series

Although Thalia headphones typically feature linden wood, Erzetich is now offering consumers the chance to buy products built from other types of wood. The new Limited Edition walnut headphones were designed after the Erzetich team experimented with various types of wood. This is the brand’s first Limited Edition series and offers the same rich, super-detailed flawless audio quality as their standard headphones. Only 20 pairs of these Limited Editions will be manufactured, ensuring these products are already highly sought after.

Erzetich Thalia Art Series

So consider the Thalia Art Series  and the Thalia Limited Edition walnut headphones. Straying far from the standard styling cues, they have an individuality few manufacturers can brag about. After all, that’s Erzetich fans include music connoisseurs of the likes of Faith No More’s Bill Gould, Imogen Heap and Nile Rodgers.

The Thalia Limited Edition headphones, limited to 20 pieces, will retail at 649 Euros, while the Thalia Art Edition headphones, limited to 20 pieces, will retail at 649 Euros.

Can’t wait to get your hand on one of these handcrafted headphones? Head to Erzetich Audio’s site, and stake your claim to forever bragging rights.

by Anil George
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