Editor’s pick: The UAE’s best sleek and elegant eSim smartwatches for 2021

August 23, 2021

Smartwatches have rocketed from a fringe piece of technology with limited uses back in the early 2010s to a very important component of any discerning technophile’s style arsenal. A recent development has seen the rise in popularity of smartwatches especially autonomous e-sim smartwatches.

A smartwatch with eSim can make and receive calls, send and receive messages without a phone being at hand. This offers complete independence from larger smartphones that sometimes just get in the way.

The best smartwatches do more than let you know if you are getting a call or text message on your wrist. They are everything in one: a fitness tracker for getting healthier, and in some cases, it can act as a phone, even if your smartphone is nowhere nearby. However, the best smartwatch do all these things better than others. Some have huge numbers of apps you can download, and some have batteries that will barely last a day, while others can go nearly a week or sometimes more on a single charge. In addition, there is style and design: The best smartwatches come with premium materials from glass, to titanium to ceramic, materials that will surely blend to match any outfit.

In this guide, we included the top smartwatches that are all equipped to work with their own eSim or SIM card and do not need to be tethered to a phone to work.


The most elegant eSim smartwatch with the longest-lasting battery life supports standalone connectivity. By activating the eSim service on their smartphones, users can share the phone number as well as voice and data plans between their smartphone and smartwatch. Additionally, the HUAWEI WATCH 3 Pro features an ultra-long battery life, supporting up to five-day battery life in smart mode and provides 21 days in ultra-long battery life mode.

The HUAWEI WATCH 3 Pro is an outstanding smartwatch, featuring 3D curved glass, hi-tech ceramic materials, heavy-duty titanium watch body, 3D rotating crown, and stylish watch straps. As well as this, it is also a masterpiece, polished by the top watch designers with top-notch technologies to achieve mirror-level polishing that is comparable to traditional watches’ precision and premium quality. The HUAWEI WATCH 3 Pro is made of an aerospace-grade titanium fused with sapphire glass lens that guarantees durability. This smartwatch is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions and the test of time, offering an incredible level of protection at any given moment.

The HUAWEI WATCH 3 Pro offers all-day health management features ranging from skin temperature detection with the new high-precision temperature sensor, fall detection to SOS alert. Coupled with heart rate and 24 hours SpO2 monitoring, sleep and pressure, Huawei’s latest smartwatch comprehensive feature set allows users to stay up to date on their health condition.

Moreover, users can turn the HUAWEI WATCH 3 Pro into their personal assistant and view flight status, track food orders and taxi information by raising their wrist, saving them from the hassle of having to juggle their smartphone. The HUAWEI WATCH 3 Pro also comes pre-installed with AppGallery, where users can download third-party apps.

The HUAWEI WATCH 3 Pro also supports Smart Hand Gesture Control, which intelligently senses various hand gestures. For instance, you can answer an incoming call by releasing a clenched fist with a raised wrist.

The HUAWEI WATCH 3 Pro offers upgraded sports monitoring feature, providing over 100 workout modes including 17 professional workout modes, 12 outdoor workouts and 7 indoor workouts. No

matter what sports you are interested in, the HUAWEI WATCH 3 is ready to take the challenge with you.

HUAWEI WATCH 3 Specs roundup:

Size: 48mm

Battery life: 5 days in smart mode – 21 days in ultra-long battery life mode

GPS: Yes

Swim-proof: Yes

Heart Rate Monitor: Yes

LTE: Yes (eSim)

Operating system: HarmonyOS 2


Apple Watch Series 6

This watch form Apple is cellular-enabled, though users must own an iPhone that shares a plan with their smartwatch. This smartwatch from Apple allows users to make calls, send and receive texts, receive data, e.g. social media and weather updates, access maps and use Apple Music, all without their phone in hand.

The Apple Watch Series 6 looks great, it is not exactly quintessentially Apple – but the round-edged screen and smooth case are quite pleasing. It is not large, heavy, or cumbersome, but it has a good weight to it and feels good on the wrist just like how a solid piece of technology should. Overall, the design is different from most smartwatches available in the market.

The big issue with Apple watches in the past has been battery life. Advanced features like 4G/LTE connectivity and GPS tracking tend to drain battery life like nothing else. The Apple Watch Series 6 does better than previous models but the improvement is not really significant. The battery life is about 18 hours tops.

The Apple Watch Series 6 supports sports monitoring features with 80 workout modes in addition to health managing features ranging from ECG function, to heart rate, and exercise tracking in addition to SP02, albeit SPO2 has to be turned on manually.

Specs roundup:

Size: 40mm, 44mm

Battery life: 18 hours

GPS: Yes

Swim-proof: Yes

Heart Rate Monitor: Yes

LTE: Optional

Operating system: iOS

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The latest offering from Samsung, the Galaxy Watch 3 is available with an LTE cellular connection, the Galaxy Watch 3 allows users to leave their phones behind, as they stay connected with the world from their wrist. Text, call, payments, maps, travel info, weather and social media all with a flick of a wrist.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has more of a classic styling with the round face and traditional straps. It comes in two sizes of 41mm and 45mm and a variety of finishes and styles. The rotating bezel allows users to navigate the menus easily by scrolling through options with a quick turn.

In terms of battery life, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 long-lasting battery can go for more than a day on a single charge, and users can always get a quick boost from compatible Galaxy phones with wireless reverse charging.

Extensive fitness tracking means it is a great companion and motivator when indulging in outdoor activities. It will also monitor heart rate and SPO2 if you want by checking manually and also track sleep to help users stay on top of their health.

Choosing the right one

Making the final choice comes down to the user and their preferences. A variety of reasons including specifications, cellular compatibility, battery life, health monitoring features, aesthetics, screen size and of course price point will be the ultimate deciding factors on what your next smartwatch should be.

Specs roundup:

Size: 41mm, 45mm

Battery life: up to 2 days

GPS: Yes

Swim-proof: Yes

Heart Rate Monitor: Yes

LTE: Optional

Operating system: Tizen OS

by Anil George
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