Fitbit Ionic Adidas Edition: Step up your game

April 15, 2018

Does the Adidas branding make the Ionic a better smartwatch?

When I played around the Fitbit Ionic a couple of months ago, I praised most of its fitness tracking features, though I wasn’t particularly keen on it being a smartwatch. This new Adidas edition is basically the same Fitbit Ionic but of course with integrated Adidas branding – similar to what Nike has done with the Apple Watch.

I’ve grown to like the design after using the original Ionic for a couple of months. The square-shaped design also allows for better browsing of various stats when doing your exercise. Make no mistake though, this is very much the same Fitbit Ionic, with only various cosmetic changes to add the Adidas branding.

Some of these changes include a two-tone strap that is only available to this edition along with a special Adidas watch face where you can see various information like steps taken, calories burned, heart rate and of course, the time.

But the main highlight of this Adidas edition Ionic is the exclusive Adidas Train app that will give you a bunch of different workouts. Most of the workouts are running-related, though you don’t really need to get outside to do them. Activities like Run Activations and Dynamic Warmup are included among other things.

The rest of the features you will find on a standard Fitbit Ionic. The device’s fitness tracking features are still top-notch, offering up to date and accurate readings of your exercise. Even the accompanying Fitbit app gives you details on how to reach your daily and overall fitness goals.

But probably the one thing we love about the Fitbit Ionic Adidas edition (and even the standard one) is the battery life. I’ve used it for 4.5 days before it actually needed to be charged – some smartwatch could barely even last one day.

The Adidas Edition of the Fitbit Ionic might bring little to the original device, but both devices still work excellently as fitness trackers. For a smartwatch though, I’d prefer something else.

We Love:

+ Excellent battery life

+ Great fitness tracking features

We Hate:

– Offers underwhelming features compared to the original Ionic

Final Rating: 3.5/5

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.