Honor launches GS Pro for the Active Adventurer

November 18, 2020

Enhanced features that complement a rugged lifestyle.

For those looking for a more rugged smartwatch that can accompany them on their adventures, the Honor GS Pro might be a good choice. Honor designed the GS Pro to be more durable, rugged, and practical than ever before and even features a whopping 25-day battery life.

The GS Pro can operate on 40 hours of continuous GPS mode or up to 100 hours in outdoor sports GPS power-saving mode. Additionally, the always-on display will allow you to easily navigate your way without the need for a smartphone. The smartwatch also automatically records the router and provides direction by the built-in satellite positioning systems. The GS Pro can then help you get back to your trail and even tells you if you’re deviating away.

There are also health tracking features on the GS Pro that include heart rate and sleep monitoring. Other sensors on the smartwatch include a barometer and compass along with the ability to forecast a change in the environment and give alerts during severe weather conditions.

The Honor GS Pro is now available in the UAE.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.