Melting in the summer heat? Try out this wearable air conditioner

July 7, 2020

No, we’re not kidding.

So we’re now officially in the summer months. While that would explain warmer temperatures in other countries, it means hot and humid conditions here in the Middle East. But worry not, because Sony is releasing a wearable air conditioner that would make walking around Shiekh Zayed Road a breeze. 

Meet the Sony Reon Pocket, a special gadget that looks like the Apple Magic Mouse that you place just below the back of your neck, where it uses the Peltier effect to cool your body down by 5 degrees Celsius. It’s worn with special clothing so the gadget can be placed easily on the back, and a small fan will help drive heat away from the wearer.

It also comes with a companion app for iOS and Android devices, where you can manually adjust the temperature or put it on automatic mode so its sensors will know when to cool you down. What’s more, the Reon Pocket can also be worn during winters, where the effect can be reversed so you can stay warm.

Sony says that the Reon Pocket can give you up to four hours of usage, with charging times taking around two hours. The device was originally going to launch during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, but Sony is making the device available now at around $120-$160 along with the special shirt that will cost you $20 extra.

It’s interesting to see if the Sony Reon Pocket can help cool us down in the Dubai summer heat.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.