A new Virtual Reality Park is coming to Dubai
February 14, 2018

The new attraction will open at The Dubai Mall.

A new ‘VR Park’ will be opening at The Dubai Mall this year according to an announcement by Emaar Entertainment. This park will aim to deliver the best virtual reality experience by bringing together various developers from around the world for one-of-a-kind experience.

Immersive rides and attractions like roller coasters, games and other educational experiences are available for everyone to enjoy. The VR Park is said to focus on the theme of ‘shared escapism’ that allows you to enjoy the VR experience with someone else.

Aside from a café, other attractions will be present at the park, which should be revealed before it opening on the first half of 2018.

by Victor Philip Ortiz
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff. Has passion for all things tech - you’ll normally find him tinkering with the latest gadgets and computer peripherals. He is an avid collector of DVDs and Blu-ray discs, and recently discovered his love for gaming.
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